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First Goodwill Scholarship Awardee Has Story That Hits Home

From the first time we heard about Tajah Billigngsley and the personal challenges she faced while completing high school, we knew there was something very special about her. It turns out that she not only is an exceptional student, but she is also a person who puts her family first.

Tajah (left) with her sister and father

Tajah is not only active in several clubs at school and in her community, but she also is a devoted daughter who has gained wisdom and perspective in providing direct care and support for her father during his time of illness.

We truly believe that it is no coincidence that the first recipient of the Gerard Magloire Goodwill Scholarship, established in honor of one father, is being awarded to a well-deserving young lady who has provided this service to her own dad. In spite of her many trials, this spring Tajah graduated from Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, Florida and will matriculate to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in the Fall to study Biological Systems Engineering. The MVM Board of Directors hopes that this $500 scholarship will be the first of many awards provided to students who give care to those with various medical needs. We are so very proud of Tajah, and the fortitude of the Billingsley family, and we look forward to the wonderful things that are yet to come for her as she continues to pursue her education.

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