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About Us

The Marialla V. Magloire Foundation was established in memory of Marialla. V. Magloire, a spirited young prodigy who was a self-taught pianist, artist and scholar. She graduated from high school at the age of only 15, and went on to study at the University of Florida, followed by the University of Chicago. Marialla was a very bright student who excelled in all of her studies, but particularly showed a love and interest for theater, music and physics. She loved to travel, and became proficient in several languages including French, German and Korean. She also enjoyed serving others through the culinary arts, and worked in several high-end restaurants in the Chicago area. Both Marialla's parents spent the greater part of her formative years doing academic and philanthropic work in Haiti, and this also helped to shape Marialla's views on the plight of those with limited access to basic resources. She had a heart for the homeless, and frequently donated to this cause. Her family and friends have established this Foundation to support initiatives that perpetuate her memory, and embody the core values she lived her life by: to learn from, serve and care for her fellowman.  

Our Team.

The Marialla V. Magloire Foundation  

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