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The Gerard Magloire Goodwill Fund

Humanism in Medicine

The Gerard Magloire Goodwill Fund was established in honor of Marialla Magloire's father, whose sudden illness and eventual passing opened both his eyes as well as those of his family to the importance of supportive care including the assistance of sitters, nurse assistants and other support staff in bringing comfort and healing to those dealing with sickness. As a result, the first initiative of the Gerard Magloire Goodwill Fund was to help support patients and families by making these services more readily available while being hospitalized. Over the past two years the fund has expanded to include a broader scope of support and resources for patients, as well as families caregivers and volunteers who are helping patients cope with serious medical conditions.


Please contact us regarding applying for scholarship funds available through the Foundation.

If you are a medical, nursing, physician assistant or other allied health student or volunteer who gives of your time to do bedside care for hospitalized, hospice or shut-in patients, thank you!

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