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2017 Scholarship Recipients Shine!


The Marialla V. Magloire Foundation Scholarship in the Arts and Sciences was founded in memory of Marialla Magloire, who at the age of 15 graduated from Leon High School, after excelling in the areas of music, theater, science and mathematics. More, she was a young woman that truly cared for people, and this coupled with her other talents laid the foundation for a lasting legacy to be carried on by the many students that have come and will continue to come after her.

The scholarship is open to Leon High School Seniors, and is awarded annually to two students. However, this year there were so many excellent applicants that the Board felt that it was only appropriate to extend it to three well-deserving students.

All three applicants have shown the ability to balance their academic workload, while also giving of their time and talents to serve their community, especially some of the most vulnerable and underserved populations. The awardees are: Ms. Brianna Surrency, Mr. Craig Graham Mitchell, and Ms. Hannah E. Bryson.


Awardee Bios

Ms. Brianna Surrency has a tenacity for life and for achieving her goals that is second to none. She not only totes a 3.94 GPA and is involved in over a dozen clubs and community organizations, but she also has a heart for those dealing with mental health conditions, and is planning to study psychology, with the goal of not only treating her own patients, but also making psychological services more accessible for those with the greatest need.

There is truly not enough time to give any of these students the recognition they deserve, and Mr. Craig Graham Mitchell is no exception. Poetic, athletic, and completely authentic, Mr. Mitchell embodies the heart of what this scholarship is all about. The only thing bigger than his heart for the underserved, are the shoes he has left behind for the next group of graduating seniors to fill. I will let his own words tell you who he is, as he once wrote, "life isn't about standing with the greats; life is about sitting with the broken".

Among many notable feets including maintaining a weighted 4.1 GPA, while excelling in basketball, and battling injuries, he also somehow found the time and energy to create his own non-profit organization to mentor at risk youth. He hopes to conitnue to use his love of music and writing in his future career.

Further excelling this scholarship pool to new heights, Ms. Hannah Bryson has shown academic prowess while demonstrating wisdom beyond her years through her community service activities. Ms. Bryson plans on studying medicine with the goal of becoming an OBGYN. Though she will graduate with a weighted 4.3 GPA, Ms. Bryson not only has the brains to become a physician, she also has the heart. She says, "I firmly believe that it is better to be a part of something greater than yourself", and has demonstrated this by finding value in some of the mundane tasks that many take for granted, like caring for the basic needs of a hospitalized patient. Ms. Bryson realizes that whether great or small, everything she does is to be done with excellence.Whether she's caring for children or the elderly, or if participating in mission trips, summer camps or competing as a varsity tennis player, as one of her teachers describes, "Hannah understands it's about being her best, no matter the circumstances".


On behalf of the Marialla V Magloire Foundation, we are proud of each one of our scholarship recipients, as well as all of our applicants, and wish them all the best as you shape your future and the world around you.

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